Why I started this blog…

Recently many of my friends who are new to running have been coming to me for running advice/inspiration. I think the reason they come to me specifically is because less than 2 years ago I stood firmly by my anti-exercise, unhealthy diet lifestyle. I love talking to people about how I changed into a “runner,” but sometimes afterwards I think of another thing that inspired me to run at the beginning and I worry that if I constantly email them with little tips they might feel embarrassed to talk to me about it again if they don’t live up to my personal goals and advice. I am starting this blog as a place where people who need inspiration can come to take what they want from my experiences, without feeling judged and with no pressure to perform.

When I started out I was constantly searching internet forums for running advice, inspiration, injury answers, etc. Not everything I write here will pertain to every person, but I hope that some of my personal stories might hit home for some people. Please remember that I am NOT an expert…I still consider myself to be a beginner! Everything I post here comes from my own personal experience and I urge everyone to seek experts if they need any serious advice. As you will see from my subsequent posts, running has completely changed my life and I just want to help others obtain the happiness that I have through this sport!

Please check back often for future posts on all things running…from how I started running, to what motivates me, to running and pooping…it will all be here eventually. You might even see seemingly contradictory posts, such as “why I love running outside” and “why I love running on a treadmill.” I hope that this does not make me less credible, rather it is a testament to how much I love every aspect of this sport! Just because I love one thing does not mean I hate its opposite. Please keep this in mind as you continue to read my posts. In the meantime, happy running!

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